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About Appleton
About Appleton

In 1907, Charles Boyd founded our company with the belief that he could increase the value of paper by applying coatings to it. More than a century later that ability to add value to paper is one of the things that sets Appleton apart from other paper companies. We don’t choose to make every kind of paper. We produce only specialty coated papers like carbonless, thermal and security products. And it’s something we do extraordinarily well.

For more than 50 years, we have also been pioneers in microencapsulation, the remarkable process that makes carbonless paper work so well. Appleton scientists have continued to develop and refine microencapsulation technology and explore opportunities for microencapsulation to extend to applications beyond carbonless paper. Those efforts have enabled Appleton to develop specific and proprietary product solutions for the consumer products industry, which led to the creation of Appleton’s Encapsys® division, an innovative and rapidly growing specialty chemical operation.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

We envision Appleton as the global leader in specialty papers. We have defined specific growth and revenue targets, and we strive for the number 1 or 2 position in our chosen markets. We define our mission in eight simple words. Serve passionately. Respect all. Improve always. Win together. That’s how we approach our customers, our work and the people we work with. Six shared values guide us: passion, excellence, teamwork, integrity, accountability and diversity. They show what’s important to us and how we conduct business.

Our culture

We have built our market leadership positions on an obsession with customer service. We work hard to develop partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to help them and each other succeed. We thrive on teamwork, trust and outright friendship. We value people for their skills and contributions and respect them for the differences they bring to our workplaces.

Our employees are the experts we count on to solve problems, redesign processes, discover new applications and stake out new markets. We offer fair and competitive compensation and benefits with plenty of opportunities for people to roll-up their sleeves, take on new assignments, create, learn and grow. Our future requires it. And we provide resources, training and a flexible work environment to help them succeed. We want people who want to grow with us.

Our leadership positions


Our Encapsys scientists apply Appleton’s extensive knowledge of microencapsulation through an open, collaborative approach with our partners that enables us to deliver effective and rapid product innovations that none of us would likely achieve on our own.

Carbonless paper

Appleton is the world’s largest producer of carbonless paper and the only producer of the NCR PAPER* brand carbonless paper, a product Appleton helped introduce in 1954. Carbonless paper is used to make multipart business forms such as invoices and purchase orders.

Thermal paper

Appleton is North America’s largest producer of direct thermal media and the segment’s original and leading innovator. Appleton offers a wide range of thermal papers and related substrates for the transaction and item identification markets --- and we do not use bisphenol A (BPA) to produce any of our products. Our thermal products are routinely used for point-of-sale receipts and coupons, entertainment and transportation tickets; lottery and gaming tickets; engineering, medical and industrial charts; tags for airline baggage and retail applications; and labels for shipping, warehousing, medical and clean room applications.

Security paper

Appleton’s security products developed from our carbonless check business which continues to offer products with basic security features that resist forgery, tampering and counterfeiting. From that foundation we are developing additional products that incorporate security technologies such as watermarks, taggants, embedded threads and fibers, and machine-readable technologies. We focus on developing products for checks, business and government documents.

Specialty applications

As part of our technical papers business, we also produce coated products for specialty displays and other design and print applications. We offer custom coating solutions and the potential for strategic partnerships through our engineered manufacturing solutions program. That program focuses on our ability to apply barrier and/or printable coatings to substrates.

Our customers

We sell our products into more than 70 countries. We sell carbonless sheet products to merchant distributors that stock and redistribute those products globally. We sell most of our carbonless roll products directly to printer and converter customers worldwide. We sell thermal paper directly to converters who cut and rewind large rolls into smaller rolls, print and otherwise further process the paper based on end-user needs. We sell our security products to merchants and to security printers who print checks, titles, certificates and other secure documents. Encapsys is working with partners and potential partners, usually under confidentiality agreements, in industries as diverse as agriculture, paints and coatings, food, pharmaceuticals, paper, textiles, personal and household care, adhesives, and oil and gas.

Our Operations

Appleton is headquartered in Appleton, Wis. We operate a pulp and paper mill at Roaring Spring, Pa.; a paper mill with recycling operations at West Carrollton, Ohio; a converting plant at Appleton, and a capsule plant at Portage, Wis. We operate distribution centers in Appleton, Wis., Camp Hill, Pa., Monroe, Ohio, Edwardsville, Kan., Portland, Ore., Ontario, Calif., McDonough, Ga., and Peterborough, Ontario, St. Helens, England, and Utrecht, Netherlands.

Our Company

Appleton was founded in 1907 on the site of its current headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin. The company employs approximately 2,000 people and has been 100 percent employee owned since November 9, 2001. Net sales for the company in 2010 were approximately $850 million.

825 E. Wisconsin Avenue
P.O. Box 359
Appleton, WI 54912

*NCR PAPER is a registered trademark licensed to Appleton.